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1 quality control program:

(1) the contract review "process and control procedures relating to the customer"
(2) prepare production plan, to No.
(3) design and control design and development control procedures
(4) procurement control, procurement control procedures
(5) manufacturing process control, production and service control procedures
(6) corrective and preventive actions control procedures for the control of the corrective and preventive actions
(7) the final inspection, process and product measurement and monitoring procedures
(8) quality records "quality record control procedure"
(9) handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery of control procedures for production and services
(to the preparation of the production plan for the whole process of the unique identifier.)

2 valve quality inspection and performance acceptance project

Serial number

Inspection procedure

Inspection items

Test method

Inspection standard





Raw material inspection

Chemical composition analysis of mechanical properties test



Casting blank

Hydraulic test
Geometrical dimensions
Nondestructive testing

Product drawings


Heat treatment

Hard degree

Product drawings



Geometrical dimensions
Coarse roughness

Product drawings
Process card


Product composition

Performance test



Coating test

Exterior view

Order contract


Packing and shipping

Shipping marks
Packing material

Order contract

Note: according to customer requirements, the test method can be used H, W

3 reference regulations and standards


1 D2001-2006 TSG "manufacturing license rules for pressure piping components"
2 Z0004-2007 TSG "special equipment manufacturing, installation, renovation, maintenance of quality assurance system basic requirements"
3 GB/T13927-2008 "industrial valve pressure test"
4 JB/T9092-1999 "inspection and testing of the valve"
5 GB/T19001:2008 "quality management system requirements"
6 GB2005.2 "the new version of the sampling inspection of national standards for the use of manual"
7 "special equipment safety supervision regulations" Decree No. 549th of the State Council
8 ZF001-2006 TSG "safety technology supervision code"
9 D7002-2006 TSG "type test rule for pressure piping components"
10.GB/T12238-2008 "flange and the clip is connected to the elastic sealing butterfly valve"
11.GB/T12237-2007 "steel ball valves for petroleum, petrochemical and related industries"
12 GB/T12224-2005 "steel valve general requirements"
13 GB/T12235-2007 "stop valves and lift check valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and related industries
14 12234-2007 GB/T "steel gate valve cover for oil and natural gas industry
15 12236-2008 GB/T "steel, chemical and related industrial use of steel swing check valve"
16 12230-2005 GB/T "technical conditions for the stainless steel castings for general purpose"
17 GB/T 12229-2005 "universal valve carbon steel casting technical conditions"
18 GB/T 12228-2006 "universal valve carbon steel forging technical conditions"
19 BS1868-1975 (R1990) "petroleum, petrochemical and related industries (flanged and butt welding link) steel check valve"
20. BS1873-1975 R1990 the petroleum, petrochemical and related industries with (flanged and butt welding link) steel globe valve, stop check valves and check valves "
21 BS5352-1981 (1990) "petroleum, petrochemical and related industries with less than 50mm steel wedge gate valve, globe valve and check valve"
22 API598-2004 (Eighth Edition) "inspection and testing of the valve"
23 API602-2005 (Eighth Edition) "flange, thread, butt and body longer connecting compact steel gate"
24 API600-2001 (Eleventh Edition) "steel gate valve cover for oil and natural gas industry
25.API608-2002 (Third Edition) "the end of the flange, threaded end, welding end, metal ball valve"
26 API609-2004 (Sixth Edition) "double flange type lug type and clip type butterfly valve"
27 API6D-2008 twenty-third version) "pipeline valve"
28 JB/T7387-1994 "electric control valve for industrial process control system"
29 JB/T8219-1999 "electric actuators for measurement and control system for industrial processes"
30 3595-2002 JB/T "General requirements for power station valves"
Fourth 17213.4-2005 GB/T "industrial process control valves 31 parts: Inspection and routine testing"
32 JB/T8864-2004 "technical conditions for the valve pneumatic device"